Steve and Linda Cochrane's Garden


Gardening experience: New native plant garden was installed in December of 2005

Prior native gardening experience at this site: 18 years.

Garden size: 1,000 sq. ft. front garden only on tour

Showcase feature: This steep garden, once over-run with ivy, juniper, and camillias, was transformed in the winter of 2005 by Pete Veilleux of East Bay Wilds. Non-natives were replaced with plants from the oak woodland and coastal plant communities. A small Sierra Nevada garden runs along the upper driveway. Stacked boulder retaining walls now curve gracefully around the border of the lot, wrapping around the next-door-neighbor's parcel. The same suite of plants found in the Cochrane's garden have been planted in the neighbor's garden; the continuation of the retaining wall and choice in plants nicely blurs the property line between the two lots. Stone switchback path leads up to the house.


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Gardening for Wildlife: Trees provide nesting areas, rocks with depressions hold water, while berries and seeds and leaves (which are left on the ground) provide food for wildlife. Chickadees, bushtits, nuthatches, warblers, native bees, and butterflies flit about the garden. Slender and arboreal salamanders, ring-necked snakes, alligator lizards, red foxes, moles, skunks, raccoons, and deer have also been seen in this wildlife-friendly garden.

Garden Talks: 11:00 and 2:00 "How to Select Native Plants for Your Garden Setting: Sun, Soil and Aesthetic Considerations for Choosing the Right Plants for Your Garden"

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