Martha Preble and John Hernandez' Garden


Gardening experience: Native garden was installed four years ago.

Garden size: 1,250-sq-ft entry garden only on tour

Showcase feature: In 2002 this very steep (!) entry garden was completely demolished, and given a complete makeover. A lyrical, winding stairway and moss rock retaining walls were installed, a flagstone path laid, and then the garden was replanted with a variety of native and Mediterranean plants. Martha's goal was to have a garden that would provide habitat for wildlife, have a pleasing aesthetic, and be low-maintenance and pesticide-free. This garden was designed and installed by Four Dimensions Landscape Company.


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Gardening for Wildlife: Birds, lizards, and bumblebees visit this garden. Hummingbirds enjoy the native fuchsia, penstemon, and sages. Last fall, painted lady butterflies swarmed in the garden. The plants that have survived in the garden are those that the deer and gophers didn't like.

Garden Talks: 11:00 "Designing a Hillside Garden: Structural Considerations, Hillside Access, Irrigation and Native Plant Selection" by Michael Thilgen of Four Dimensions Landscape Company

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