Louise Miller's Garden


Years gardened at this location: The native plant garden was installed in stages, beginning 4 years ago

Garden size: 850 square-foot garden and 4,200 square-ft back garden

Showcase feature: A spectacular array of wildflowers graces this garden in spring. Now that the ivy, periwinkle, and juniper have been removed, the sea of goldfields in the adjacent serpentine grassland is beginning to flow into Louise's garden. About eight species of native grasses, some propagated from seed, can be found in this "restoration garden" which was created in order to reflect the natural world behind the house. Various parts of the garden were designed by Luke Haas and Greg Wolford.


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Gardening for Wildlife: In addition to the local native plants, a brush pile provides shelter for wildlife, including a family of alligator lizards. Flocks of white- and golden-crowned sparrows are attracted to the grassland. Other birds include California towhees, mourning doves, juncos, goldfinches, warblers, nuthatches, chickadees, ravens, and an occasional hermit thrush. California fuschia and hummingbird sage attract hummingbirds. Bees are plentiful among the various flowering plants. The chirping of crickets fills the air in late summer evenings. Bats come out at dusk.

Garden Talks: 11:00 and 2:00 "Raising Chickens in the City: Happy Hens and Healthy Soil"

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