Kathy and David Welch's Garden


Gardening experience: 39 years

Years gardening at this location: 7 years

Garden size: 22,000 square-foot

Showcase feature: This extensive garden, located in a former majestic oak woodland, was designed by Kathy, Michael Thilgen of Four Dimensions Landscape Development, and Warren Simmonds Associates. The sequence of intimate spaces on this large lot with its steep slope invites one down to the lower parts of the garden. Ascend to the balcony to see the dragonfly fountain and to enjoy the spectacular view.


Other garden attractions:


Gardening for Wildlife: The native plants, ponds, and the sound of falling water attract a lot of wildlife to this garden. Dragonflies and buckeye butterflies are among the visitors that enjoy the delicious sound of splashing water. Nuthatches and chicadees are frequent visitors. "Aphids attract bushtits," says Kathy. "It's worth growing plants that attract aphids, just to see the birds."

Garden Talks: 11:00 "Sudden Oak Death: What It Is, and How to Prevent It" by Janice Alexander of the California Oak Mortality Task Force; 2:00 “Replacing the Lawn — Choosing Beautiful Native Alternatives to the Traditional Lawn" by Michael Thilgen of Four Dimensions Landscape Company.

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