Catherine Bronnert DeSchepper and Brett DeSchepper's Garden


Gardening experience: Total 2 years at this location

Garden size: 280 sq. ft. front garden only on Tour; 99% native

Showcase feature: This postage stamp-sized garden is a shining example of what one can do with a series of small spaces. A pleasing palate of pink currant, ninebark, oso berry, and creek dogwood grace the north-facing side of the garden, with patches of mist maidens, Douglas iris, and Hardford’s melic grass accenting the margins where dappled light falls. In the sunnier areas, San Francisco and Dr. Hurd manzanita (potted) add structure, while monkeyflower, Cleveland sage, buckwheat, tar plant, and seaside daisy offer color and fragrance. The more than 40 species of native plants found in this garden provide year-round color. The garden was installed and designed by Rick Alatorre, of Alatorre Design.


Other garden attractions:

Gardening for wildlife: Although small and still new, the garden is attracting a growing number of insects, with caterpillars caterpillaring, hummingbirds darting, and butterflies fluttering about the garden.


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