Heidi Goldstein and Richard Thomason’s Garden


Gardening experience: Two years at this location

Garden size: 325 sq. ft. front and 350 sq. ft. back garden, 99% native

Showcase feature: What was once a tangle of non-native vegetation, including acacia trees, palms, English ivy, Bermuda, and pampas grass, is now a pleasing sloped garden bursting with California native plants. Manzanita, coffeeberry, and California lilac provide year-round color and interest, anchoring a diversity of plantings—including a cornucopia of spring wildflowers. Two mature live oaks shade the rear garden, which contains an understory of monkeyflower, Douglas iris, flowering currant, California hazlenut, and California fescue.


Other garden attractions:

Gardening for wildlife: The mixture of grasses, bulbs, perennials, and annuals attract a growing and varied number of insects and wildlife. This relatively new garden is already home to a number of butterflies, insects, and flying creatures. Beneficial hoverflies and native bees are welcome visitors, butterflies adore the buckwheats, shimmering hummingbirds sip nectar from the fuschia and monkeyflower, and bushtits have their way with aphids.


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