Merry West’s Garden


Gardening experience: 4 years

Years gardened at this location: Garden was installed in July 2004

Size: 6,000 square feet

Showcase feature: This delightful garden, which was designed to attract wildlife of the winged sort, also attracts wildlife of the two-legged variety. Now a peaceful oasis filled with a diversity of native plants, the garden was created from former large front and back lawns and a tangle of non-native trees. While the plants were chosen by Merry, the plant placement, design, installation were performed by landscaper Jim Minder.


Other garden attractions:


Gardening for Wildlife: A diversity of native plants (including a variety of native berry-bearing plants), three bird feeders, and a bird bath have created a haven for wildlife. The garden is now visited by goldfinches, pine siskins, titmice, and hummingbirds (which love the penstamen). White-crowned sparrows, which the gardener had never seen in the garden until the native plants were brought in, are a welcome sight. Hummingbirds and “jillions” of butterflies are also frequent visitors to this wildlife-friendly garden. Merry just installed barn owl and bat boxes. A dead birch was left as a snag; logs from the birch provide places for little creatures to live.

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