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St. John's Episcopal Church Garden

1701 Gouldin, Oakland

Gardening experience: 6 years at this location

Garden size: 2,500 square-foot

Showcase feature: This serene tear-drop shaped oak woodland meditation garden was created from an area formerly encased in ivy, broom, periwinkle, and pampas grass. Shady hillside paths and welcoming wooden benches invite visitors to enjoy the sight and sound of water tumbling from a large boulder and onto the rocks below. This tranquil water feature honors the creek that once flowed here, and is now buried in an underground culvert. You’ll want to linger in this lovely garden which was designed by Corinne Louise Greenburg, MA, of Corinne Louise Design (www.thegardenisateacher.com), and installed by church members.


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Gardening for Wildlife: A birdbath, in addition to the sound of falling water, attracts birds and butterflies. Children, neighbors, church members, as well as many deer and other nocturnal animals, frequent this peaceful oasis.

Garden Talk: 11:00 1:00 “Gardening for Wildlife” by garden designer Corinne Greenburg

Directions: From Highway 13, exit at Thornhill Drive and turn east, toward the hills. Continue 0.3 miles to the Thornhill Elementary School, where you are welcome to park between 10:00 and 1:00. Follow the signs, which will guide you on a brief walk through an apple orchard and to the Church.

After 1:00, you may park at the Church itself: Continue on Thornhill past the school and turn right at the next corner, onto Gouldin. Continue 0.1 mile and look for the small sign for the Church on the right. Please note that there is a one-way entrance and exit.

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