Jesse Merjil's Garden


Gardening experience: Garden was planted in March of 2006.

Garden size: 650 sq. ft. front and side garden, 90% native

Showcase feature: Jesse, who lives down the street from Rick Goodwin (whose garden is also on the Tour), asked Rick to design and install a native plant garden for his corner lot. The result is a mulched path bordered by red fescue and blue-eyed grass, and surrounded by a sea of rosy pink buckwheat and a vibrant assortment of lupine, farewell-to-spring, poppies, lupine, and fuchsia. The Berkeley sedge, manzanita, and California lilac will stay green throughout the year.


Other garden attractions:

Gardening for wildlife: Pollinators love this garden! Butterflies and a plethora of native bees flit and buzz happily here. Skinks and Pacific chorus frogs flourish in this pesticide-free garden. Coopers hawks fly overhead, searching for a meal.


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