Ann Keri and Richard Leaf’s garden


Lot size: 2,800 sq. ft. back garden on tour, 99% native

Garden Age: Garden was installed in spring 2009

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: New this year!

Showcase Feature
Inspired by the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour, Ann and Richard went looking for a designer who could “create a garden that could be on the Tour.” Rick Alatorre of Alatorre Garden Design did the job. Out went the gigantic cedar and weeds; in came a beautiful flagstone patio, surrounded by gracefully curving garden beds planted with an exuberant array of natives. Designed to provide color throughout the year, in early spring the garden is bursting with yellow frying pan poppies and cream cups; in late spring the cheerful pinks of clarkias brighten the vista; later come the vibrant oranges of monkeyflowers and the lavenders of seaside daisies.


Other Garden Attractions
• Bunchgrass meadow is irrigated subsurface with Netafim.
• Coffeeberry, California lilac, and pink flowering currant will soften the fence line when mature.
• Don’t miss the “before” photos!
• “Maintaining this garden is the easiest thing I’ve ever done,” says Ann.

keri09 Gardening for Wildlife
Ann reports that bees have a gorgeous time collecting pollen in the garden. Red admiral, anise swallowtail, gulf fritillaries, and skippers nectar happily about. Allowing plants to go to seed attracts birds, as do the varying plant heights, and berry-bearing plants. Pruned spent flowers and stalks are left in the garden to provide nesting materials for birds.

Ann Keri and Richard Leaf’s Plant List

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