Betty Nelson’s garden


Lot size: 1,000 sq. ft. front garden on tour, 70% native

Garden Age: Garden was installed in the spring of 2009

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: New this year!

Showcase Feature: When Betty bought this house she became inspired to transform the water-consuming front lawn and lackluster plants into a landscape that fit in with the naturalistic, leafy feel of the neighborhood. In her mind’s eye she saw a visually interesting space, more on the rustic side, with a welcoming feel.  Four Dimensions Landscape, who created the design, provided that and more.  This inviting, lush garden is divided into outdoor “rooms” which contain plants that provide color for much of the year.  In early spring the manzanita’s delicate urn-shaped flowers herald the approach of warmer days. Next come the cheerful yellow monkeyflowers; in late summer and early fall the luminous lavender petals of our robust native aster brighten the garden. Manzanita and coffeeberry provide greenery throughout the year.  The delicate stalks of Point Molate red fescue wave gracefully in the breeze. The garden is maintained by Betty, who pronounces it “easy” to look after. nelson3 Other Garden Attractions:

  • The scent of sage wafts through the garden throughout the year.
  • A sedge meadow, lined with rushes and interspersed with mugwort, was designed to retain rainwater on site.
  • The garden is watered twice a week for 15 minutes each time; watering will be reduced when the plants are established.

nelson9 Gardening for Wildlife: This garden is open to deer.  Hummingbirds and bees are frequent visitors. Garden Talks: 11:00 and 3:00 “How to maintain a native plant garden (hint: it’s easy!) by Betty Nelson Meet the designer, Michael Thilgen of Four Dimensions Landscape, from 3:00-5:00. Talk at 3:30 “Designing the Native Garden to Attract Wildlife” by Michael Thilgen Plant list

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