Gardens At A Glance 2005–2015

Since the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour’s inception more than 250 gardens have been opened so the general public would have the opportunity to see beautiful, pesticide-free, water-conserving native plant gardens that provide habitat for native birds, bees, and butterflies.

You can view these gardens online a number of ways:

View the Gardens

view the gardens that were most recently on the Tour (if it is currently May through December), or the gardens that will be on the upcoming Tour (January through April).

View Past Gardens

this search will show you the gardens that have been on the Tour each year since its inception

Find a Designer

this search will show you the gardens that have been professionally designed, and provide contact information for the designers

New Interactive Garden Listing!

Now, there is a new way to find gardens that will be most useful to you. The interactive listing below will allow you to find gardens of interest based on the following features:

  • City [viewing plant lists for the gardens in your city will help you choose plants that will do well in your microclimate]
  • Creek
  • Grey water system
  • Rain garden [retains rainwater on-site]
  • Trickling water attracts wildlife [fountain, waterfall]
  • Pond or bog
  • Homeowner designed
  • Professionally designed
  • Large garden [10,000 sq. ft. or more]
  • Small garden [600 sq. ft. or less]
  • bunchgrass meadow
  • Local native plants (70% or more plants local to the East Bay)
  • Certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation
  • Natives in a parking strip
  • Oak woodland and understory plants
  • Slope
  • Wheelchair accessible (at least partially)
  • Open to grazing by deer
  • 90% or more natives
  • Shade
  • Garden Art
  • Great butterfly gardens
  • Great bird gardens
  • Great bee gardens
  • Containers with natives
  • Mature [5 or more years old]

Example: Enter "pond small slope" to find all gardens that are small (under 600 sq ft), have a pond, and are on a slope.