San Lorenzo High School’s garden and Native Plant Nursery

San Lorenzo

Lot size: 1 acre native plant garden and nursery, 99% native

Garden Age: Garden was installed in stages, beginning in 1996

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: 7

Showcase Feature

Visit San Lorenzo High School’s one acre native plant garden, created by students from the former swimming pool, which had been bulldozed and filled with rubble. Now looking like a “natural garden that fell out of the sky,” the native forest, which is tended by the Druid Environmental Club and the Environmental Leadership in Action class, is used by high school biology and photography classes. Fourth grade students from nearby schools are taught, by the high school students, how Native Americans used native plants. (The high schoolers, who are regarded as rock stars by the younger students, love this activity.) Students propagate sixty species of native plants in their productive nursery. Proceeds from the plant sale support the school’s environmental program. Come for the plants; stay for the students!

Other Garden Attractions Mikiten garden, Berkeley

  • Bring your children! Native American games, arts and crafts, acorn pounding, make a wildflower seed pot to take home, and view the transparent bee hive of Joe’s Honey all day.
  • Make this your lunchtime stop!  Delicious Mexican food will available for purchase from 11:00–3:00.
  • Native garden designs will be available for sale from the San Lorenzo Homeowners Association.
  • Joe’s Bees, East Bay Regional Parks, Project Eat, Earth Team, and Save the Bay will staff tables. Tour the vegetable garden, enjoy gardening demonstrations, and sample delicious food from the garden.
  • EBMUD staff will let you know how you can receive up to $2.00 a sq. foot for removing your lawn.
  • Tour the vegetable garden, enjoy gardening demonstrations, and sample delicious food from the garden.
  • Restrooms are available.


Gardening for Wildlife dsc_9480

Cedar waxwings, chestnut-backed chickadees, and finches visit the garden.  Cooper’s hawks soar overhead.


Buy a delicious lunch, and enjoy it in the garden!

Drop in for cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, and a salad; purchase fresh fruit and cold drinks as well! Funds support the school.


Garden Talks

10:00 “How to attract bees and butterflies to your garden with native plants” by Sharon Horgan

11:00 – 4:00 (running continuously) “How to replace your lawn with natives the cheap and easy way, and get paid for it, too!—includes handouts” by San Lorenzo High students, Sandra Nevala-Lee of Green Thumb Works, Steve Wiley, and a representative from EBMUD

2:30 “Ten native plants needed to create a Native American school garden and curriculum—includes handouts” by Steve Wiley

Plants for Sale
More than sixty species of native plants, including monkeyflowers, flowering currants, yerba buena, native grape, St. Catherine’s lace, several types of manzanita, ferns, and fuchsia will be available in exchange for donations. Ask the volunteers to help you select plants that will do well in your garden! Cash and checks only.

Plants For Sale—2017

San Lorenzo High Demonstration Garden Native Plant List

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