Kelly Marshall and Mike Weidner’s garden


Lot size: ¼ acre lot, 70% native in front, 50% in back

Garden Age: Back garden was installed in stages, beginning in 2005. Front garden was installed in the fall of 2007.

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: 5

]Showcase Feature:
In 2007, Kelly, owner of Kelly Marshall Garden Design, and her husband, Mike, wanted to transform their dull front lawn into a native plant haven for wildlife. Kelly selected a hardy and colorful array of natives that could take Clayton’s hot summers, added a fountain, strategically placed seating areas and paths, and the front garden became a lovely place enjoyed by the family, and even the neighbors. Finally, Kelly and Mike decided to let the back lawn go as well—in its place Kelly created a drought-tolerant meadow of bunchgrasses and flowering native perennials, along with a small waterfall and shallow bog that provides water to a variety of garden creatures.

Other Garden Attractions

Kelly Marshall's garden, Clayton
  • Snacks and bottled water will be available for purchase.

Gardening for Wildlife

Kelly Marshall 's garden, Clayton

A variety of song birds, butterflies, and bees are drawn to this garden by the sound of splashing water, the pond, and the diversity of native seed-, berry-, and pollen-bearing plants. Soon after the garden was transformed a pair of bluebirds raised their chicks in the nest box that had gone unnoticed for years! A bevy of quail forage happily in the back garden. Other visitors include orioles, fox, and Pacific chorus frogs. Bats swoop overhead in the evening, noshing on mosquitoes. To keep the birds safe, the family cat is kept indoors.

Garden Talk:

4:00 “How to transform your front garden into a place that is beautiful, water-conserving, and acceptable to the neighbors” by Kelly Marshall

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