Laura Cornett and Brad Buehler’s garden – #17


Lot size: 560 sq. ft. front garden, 90% native

Garden Age: Garden was installed in the spring of 2014

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: New this year!

Showcase Feature
The sheetmulching workshop at neighbor Dixie Finley’s house inspired Laura to sheet mulch her own lawn away. The charming woodland garden that took its place was designed by Laura, and installed by Laura and her husband, Brad. Now that their garden is established, Brad and Laura’s water use has dropped by more than 60%. Shade-loving plants, such as Douglas iris, coffeeberry, and a potpourri of currants—red flowering, golden, evergreen, and pink chaparral, and canyon gooseberry—flourish under the shelter of the existing tree. Sunlovers, including coyote mint, seaside daisy, and monkeyflower, are planted on the perimeter of the garden, where they can catch more rays.

Other Garden Attractions cornet-1-of-7-2
• This water-conserving garden is watered once a week, by hand.
• From spring through early summer sprays of the tiny bell-shaped flowers of the coral bells sway in the breeze, delighting visiting hummingbirds.
• The scent of ten varieties of native sage waft on the breeze.
• Weeds are pulled by hand; no pesticides are used in this—or any! Tour garden.

Gardening for Wildlife cornet-1-of-7-3
This garden was designed as a place for wildlife. Hermit thrushes and flickers forage for insects in the leaf litter, and black crowned night herons have nested in the garden. Native bees adore the California lilac and poppies. The bee plant, with its profusion of small red flowers, is visited by hummingbirds, butterflies, and native bees. Five types of buckwheat (rosy, giant, California, cliff, and ashy-leaf), provide nectar to butterflies, pollen to native bees, and seeds to birds.

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