Martha and Kerwin Lee’s garden


Lot size: 10,000 sq. ft. back garden, 70% native

Garden Age: Garden was installed in the fall of 2016

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: New this year!

Showcase Feature
Martha and Kerwin had not watered their lawns in two years; knew it was time to do something different—and did they! Roxy Wolosenko of Roxy Designs, who designed and installed the new garden, removed 5,000 sq. feet of lawn (the Lee’s received $4,000 in rebates from EBMUD and Save Our Water). The water-guzzling turf was replaced by a less thirsty native bentgrass lawn. An inviting variety of shade-loving plants thrive under the shade of the towering oaks. The attractive rain garden collects rainwater from the roof and allows rainwater to slowly seep into the soil, thus protecting Las Trampas Creek, which flows through the rear of the garden, from scouring.

Other Garden Attractions 13
• Roxy Wolosenko will be at this garden from 2:00-5:00.

Gardening for Wildlife
The sound of falling water from the drilled rock fountain, the nearby creek, and the diversity of native plants have attracted red-tailed hawks, birds, bees, and butterflies. Native bees lay their eggs in the home-made bee box. Lizards bask on the boulders.

Garden Talks 6
11:00 and 1:00 “Replace your traditional lawn with a low-water use, sustainable, low-to-no-mow native sod. Come and hear about three kinds of turf replacement—bentgrass, Delta grassland, or “Native Mow-Free’”—by staff from the Delta Bluegrass Company

2:00 “Practical tips for installing drip irrigation in native plant gardens: Curious about how you can conserve water in your own garden? This is the right place—bring your questions!” by Roxy Wolosenko

Music in the Garden
12:00-1:00 Take a seat and enjoy a performance by Stanley Middle School’s “Jazz Messengers”.

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