Will you support the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour?


This year we are asking people like you to help raise the $40,000 that is needed to continue to offer the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour. Here’s the story:

For many years the Tour was funded primarily by government agencies. Over time, this funding has dropped by about half. The Tour, which had a high of 64 gardens in 2006, had only 29 last year. The high of more than 7,000 registrants in 2012 dropped by about 30%, to 5,000 in 2016.

This year, the Tour’s 13th, is the year we want to change these trajectories. Tour staff have been working hard to increase the number of gardens that will be open this year, and to bring in more new gardens. We’re proud that the 2017 Tour will feature 41 gardens; 25 of them are on the Tour for the first time.

In order to cover the cost of continuing to offer and expand the Tour, we are asking Tour and workshop attendees to help us raise $40,000 this year.

In addition to the requested $15 per person for Tour attendance, please consider making a donation above and beyond that amount to help ensure the Tour runs in the black, and can continue on into the future.

The Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour helps Bay Area residents save water, eliminate or reduce pesticide use, and create habitat for wildlife—one garden at a time. You can help to ensure that the Tour will continue by:

  • making a donation now, with your PayPal account or credit card; or
  • mailing a check to: the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour, 1718 Hillcrest Road, San Pablo, CA 94806.

Whether you have enjoyed the Tour many times in the past, or you are attending for the first time this year, we hope you will join your fellow Tour-goers in supporting this event.

Thank you for your help!

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour staff

Yes, I will help support the Tour!

$15 I’ll pay my own way

$30 We’re a party of two

$50 Party of two and a boost

$75 Many thanks for putting on this event!

$100 We love this Tour!

Choose your donation amount (Thank you for your support!)

If you prefer, you can make out a check to the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour, and mail it to:

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour
1718 Hillcrest Road
San Pablo CA 94806