Robin Heyden’s garden


Lot size: 250 sq. ft. front garden, 40 sq. ft. parking strip, and 250 sq. ft. back garden, 80% native

Garden Age: The front garden was installed in 2014, and the back garden was installed in 2016

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: New this year!

Showcase Feature
Inspired by the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour and intent upon conserving water, Robin and her husband sheet mulched their small front lawn and removed the agapanthus-filled border beds. Liz Simpson designed their charming replacement. The straight concrete walkway that bisected the front garden was replaced by a wide, inviting entry path of Hamilton gray flagstone; planting mounds were created to provide visual interest. A variety of diminutive plants, such as coral bells, Douglas iris, blue-eyed grass, and native succulents, delicately placed between decorative rocks, were selected to match the front garden’s petite confines. The back garden, designed by Jude Hawley of Wild Sage Gardens, contains a beautiful, angled deck with a raised herb bed. This attractive deck overlooks the inviting, small rear garden, with its gracefully curving border beds and interesting vertical garden art piece.

Other Garden Attractions 4
• The invasive Mexican feather grass, which was included in the garden’s original planting, was later removed and replaced with native bunchgrasses.
• The mosaic stepping stones, tabletop, address panel, and inlaid stone path decoration were made by Robin.
• Stroll across the street to Susan Decker’s garden.

Gardening for Wildlife
Hummingbirds are attracted by the three types of manzanita, and native bees by the California lilac, penstemon, and fuchsia.

Garden Talks 12
12:00 “How to incorporate mosaics into the garden” by Robin Heyden

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