Seibi Lee & Joel Schoolnik’s garden


Lot size: 750 sq. ft. front, 500 sq. ft. side, and 1,500 sq. ft. back gardens, 95% native

Garden Age: Garden was installed in 2013

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: 2

Showcase Feature

Until 2013, the sloping front garden was a sea of juniper, separated by irregular concrete steps, and the back garden was a “jungle of ivy, bamboo, and assorted trees.” Joel and Seibi requested a drought-tolerant garden that reminded them of the natural world. The team at Four Dimensions Landscape Company, which designed and installed the garden, was up to the challenge. Now, the sunny front garden is accessed by ascending a beautiful stairway and a circular landing made from Arizona flagstone, and flanked by a cheerful array of natives.  In the back garden, stacked moss rock retaining walls border a decomposed granite path that leads to two seating areas placed in the shade of the venerable oak; drop down in one of them and enjoy this peaceful oasis.


Other Garden Attractions schoolnik-2

  • The sloping back garden contains plants that flourish in the deep shade of the oak—currants, ferns, monkeyflower, coral bells, snowberry, and the fragrant yerba buena.
  • Michael Thilgen from Four Dimensions Landscape Company will be at this garden from 2:00-5:00 to answer questions.



Gardening for Wildlife schoolnik-3

Native bees are attracted to the rosy buckwheats; hummingbirds are drawn to the tubular purple-blue flowers of the penstemon.


Music in the Garden

12:00-1:00 A duo of woodwinds, with Fern Burch on clarinet and Kara Koffron on flute, will play classical music.


Talks in the Garden

3:00 “Our favorite natives for sun and shade: How to select reliable natives for different conditions” by the Four Dimensions design team

Plant list

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