Beverly Cheney and Avrum Gratch's garden


Garden Lot size: About one acre, 50% native

Years gardened at this location (Gardening Experience): Native garden was installed in 2003.

Years on the "Bringing Back the Natives" Garden Tour: New this year!

Showcase feature: Various views of this beautiful, peaceful, woodland garden unfold as you ascend the long, winding flight of stairs that lead up to the house. The shady hillside, once covered with ivy and periwinkle, is now a pleasing mix of snowberry, currants, ferns, and Douglas iris. Further up in the garden a gentle slope that receives dappled shade is planted with deergrass, Douglas iris, and Mediterranean plants. The level area near the beautiful 1906 home features expansive gravel paths interspersed with attractive island beds, and several inviting seating areas. Large moss rock boulders frame the stone steps leading down to the terrace. This tranquil garden was designed by Michael Thilgen and installed by Four Dimensions Landscape Company.


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Gardening for Wildlife: Butterflies, birds, snakes, and skunks call this garden home. Hawks soar overhead.

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