Gail Giffen's garden


Garden Lot size: 1 acre, 30% native

Years gardened at this location (Gardening Experience): 17 years at this location

Years on the "Bringing Back the Natives" Garden Tour: 2 years

Showcase feature: Designed and built by Michael Thilgen and the team at Four Dimensions Landscape Company, in collaboration with building architect Reed Robbins, Gail’s garden began as a barren piece of land. Today, this expansive garden abounds with secret spaces, hosts well known artist's work, and is home to a flock of chickens that function as living art, wandering freely throughout the site. Gail’s garden demonstrates how architecture and nature can work in harmony together. Near the house, Mediterranean plants dominate in arrangements designed on a formal grid. Around the perimeters of the property large oaks shade an under story of native plants, and provide a transition from the formality of the core garden to a place of the wild.


Other garden attractions:


Gardening for Wildlife: Numerous bird feeders and the delightful sound of falling water, heard throughout the garden courtesy of the three fountains, attract birds and soothe people.

Garden Talks: 12:00 “Sudden Oak Death: What it is, and how to prevent it” by Janice Alexander, from the California Oak Mortality Task Force.

Native plant-related items sold/given away: The California Natives Plant Society will sell native plant reference books and memberships. Join CNPS today and be entered in a drawing to receive a free landscape consultation!

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