Tim and Michelle Inama's garden


Garden Lot size: 3,000 sq. ft. front and sides, 2,700 sq. ft back garden 90% native

Years gardened at this location (Gardening Experience): Native garden was installed early in 2007.

Years on the "Bringing Back the Natives" Garden Tour: New this year!

Showcase feature: Tim and Michelle bought this house in large part because of the huge oak in the front garden, a remnant of the magnificent oak woodland that once blanketed this area. The challenge was to garden under it; Michael Thilgen and the team at Four Dimensions Landscape Company were up to the task. They designed and installed a garden that incorporates local woodland natives that look, naturally, as though they belong here, and thrive in the dappled shade of the oak. These plants include coral bells, bunchgrasses, yerba buena, and strawberry. The sunnier areas on the periphery of the garden are home to currants, native rose, yarrow, coffeeberry, and fuchsia.


Other garden attractions:


Gardening for Wildlife: Hummingbirds love the hummingbird sage.

Native plant-related items sold/given away: The California Natives Plant Society will sell native plant reference books and memberships. Join CNPS today and be entered in a drawing to receive a free landscape consultation!

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