Wen Hui Shen’s garden – # 21


Lot size: 1,600 sq. ft. back garden on tour, 85% native

Garden Age: Garden was installed in 2008

Years on the Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour: 2

Showcase Feature

This small, triangular garden, designed to evoke the passage of time, is reminiscent of a ruin.  Tumbling stone walls, an antique olive urn, and plinths from a San Francisco home that saw the 1906 earthquake are strewn about the garden. These hints of the past are interspersed with the emergence of new life—such as the delicate pinks of coral bells and cheerful bursts of rosy buckwheats. Succulents are tucked into the crevices of the artistic stone path; plants from the chaparral and oak woodland plant communities reflect the unique microclimates of this site (a sunny, hot slope, and shady, protected areas). A large boulder found on site gives solidity to the upper level of the garden. In the courtyard below another large boulder doubles as a water feature, providing the delicious sound of water tumbling onto the cobbles at its base. Breezes waft the scents of sages, mints, and thyme. The ethereal nature of this garden was conceived by Wen.  The hardscape was installed by Shannan O’Hare; the rest of the garden was designed by Liz Simpson of Liz Simpson Garden Design.

wensunlight Other Garden Attractions

·      Vegetable and herb garden are tucked into a corner.

·      The complementary colors of lupine, blue-eyed grass, and penstemons blend with the French blue trim of the house and the slate tile roof.

Gardening for Wildlife dudleyalewisia
Minimal deadheading leaves the seeds for birds. Lizards delight in this rock-filled haven. Bees and butterflies are also at home in this garden.

Garden Talks
12:00 and 3:00 “What to plant where: an intuitive and informed approach to plant selection” by Liz Simpson

Wen Hui Shen’s Plant List

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